Steve Wright Woods Walker Hunting Lure

“I was invited to hunt with my friend this November. I had some deer moving through before sun up and couldn’t see them. As the sun rose the woods went dead. About 9 o’clock I decided to pull out The Woods Walker and make some steps while in the tree stand. A few minutes later a half rack emerged from the thicket and behind him was this nice 8 point. Those bucks couldn’t take the fact that something was wandering around, as it was the rut and they were hot! I can’t wait to use The Woods Walker this turkey season as well. Great product!”

~  Wally Y.

“The very first time I hunted with The Wood Walker it was early October. My confidence was low; it was more of a scouting trip. Then about 80 yards away I spotted a spike horn, I twisted my Woods Walker, and it got his attention. I twisted it again and he turned and came straight toward me like he was on a string. I had no intention of taking that deer but it started my season and was a confidence booster. There is no doubt in my mind that The Woods Walker works!”

~  Brian P.

“The Woods Walker is the ticket for turkey hunting. I have always found that raking leaves is best for a hung up gobbler, but risky with all the movement. With The Woods Walker around your neck there is very little movement to sound like a hen scratching in the leaves. It worked like a charm on this hung up NY gobbler.”

~  Greg H.

Steve Wright Woods Walker Turkey Lure

Steve Wright Woods Walker Hunting Call

“Steve asked me to field test The Woods Walker. I used it throughout this season and had numerous encounters with bucks before taking this one. I really like it while rattling to add that extra element of realism. The Woods Walker is a good addition to anyone’s hunting gear, in my opinion!”

~  Dan C.

“Steve, I had to tell you about this doe that came by me this gun season! She stopped about 40 yards away so I decided to use The Woods Walker. She turned and walked my way, then stopped and mimicked the same steps I was making while standing in place, looking for the deer she thought she was hearing. I am convinced that The Woods Walker definitely sounds real and I saw firsthand what it can do. Thanks!”

~  Tim R.

Steve Wright Woods Walker Hunting Lure